6-15-20 Thank you letter

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Thank you for your prayers and financial support of the ministry! Your support is always appreciated, but this current crazy season we’ve found ourselves in has been unique, and your support has helped!  Aside from seeing all of our travel ministries come to an abrupt end, we’ve moved the ministry offices along with our internet servers. The server move has been our biggest ouch with lost emails, missing web pages, and significant internet glitches.

The good news is we have won and overwhelmingly conquered.  We have a few battle scars, but in light of the incredible victories, they simply remind us of God’s tremendous faithfulness.  But I do apologize for being very tardy with sending out this thank you.

Thanks be to God and our faithful and generous partners we’ve been able to make all of our bills and get ahead financially. As good as this testimony is, an even greater one is how God raised a hero who asked God for a way to get our app to market, and as you guessed, God came through supernaturally.

With what had previously been received through our XOlence, Inc., Capital Contribution crowdfunding program, and the supernatural contribution, we now have all we need to get to market with the Prayer App.  The crowdfunding program rewards capital contributors with a four-time return from income coming in from the Prayer App. Although we have all we need to get to market, we’re still allowing more individuals to participate in the program for marketing and moving into Phase Two.

The funding is just the tip of the supernatural provision for the Prayer App.  God has provided an incredible development team, along with administrative expertise that is off the chart.  Our executive team is opening doors for us beyond imagination.  I have believed that we could have one million users within the first year, but my best guess now is we’ll have more than that by year-end.

From the start of this project, I’ve known that timing is everything, and God’s timing is supreme. It is so like Him to have this coming out just in time for the election. Just imagine what will happen with millions of prayer decrees being said every day for, “All corruption in government to be exposed,” or for “Every Christian to get out and vote for God’s choices,”—just thinking about this raises a glorious hallelujah within me!

We are about eight weeks away from a working Prayer App and four weeks away from having 200 testers using it to make the world a better place.  The app will instantly translate every prayer decree into any of 80 languages, with some having over 30 different dialects.  We ask each user to make a three-minute commitment and make 21 decrees per day, seven for government, seven for the church, and seven for themselves personally. If you would like to be a tester, please let us know.

As you can see from what God’s doing, we’ve never been busier serving Him and preparing for the fulfillment of our vision with over one hundred million souls saved, discipled, and serving God.  In Phase Two of the Prayer App, we’ll be asking our millions of users to give us the emails of family, friends, and neighbors who need to be saved. We’ll ask for permission to first pray for a particular need.  Then very gradually and innovatively minister salvation—the fulfillment of the plan to accomplish our vision.

As I’ve been saying on my Tuesday night YouTube broadcasts, “We’re in a new season, unlike any other. There’s never been a better time to be alive and serving God. More than ever, we need to be serious about our relationship with God and the realization that we’ve been created with a divine purpose to make a difference on planet earth.”

I can’t say thank you enough for your willingness to come alongside us to accomplish His plan and purpose for this ministry. In the same way, we want to come alongside you in faith for the plans and purposes He has for your life.

In a general way, we’re praying for you. We are asking God to continue to show Himself strong in your life, meeting your every need: spirit, soul, and body. We pray that every dream, vision, and hope that God has ever given you will be fulfilled in this unique season of life.

As much as our general prayers make a difference, we do know that specific prayers are always better. If you would, we’d be honored and pleased to come into agreement with you for particular needs.  Again, if you would, please take a moment and jot down a specific prayer request that we can stand in faith with you knowing that when two or more agree, it sets the stage for supernatural results.

Together we’re going to see our hopes, dreams, visions and the very purposes for which God has put us here fulfilled for His glory.


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