9-26-18 Thank you letter

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First and foremost, thank you for your financial support of the ministry! Together we’re going to see our vision fulfilled of over one hundred million souls saved, discipled and serving God. 

Love, love, and more love seems to be the message of the season. God so wonderfully used Greg Violi to lay a solid foundation of love beyond anything I had ever known of previously.  God is now taking the understanding of love to a new level with the revelation and understanding of a brain within our physical hearts. Scientists have documented that we have over 40,000 specialized cells, like sensory neurites that are highly concentrated which make up what they call the little brain in the heart.

Our heart brain operates almost totally independently from our head brain and works interactively with our subconscious mind. What’s so interesting in this, is how the heart brain uses a language (communication method) of emotions and the emotion of greatest significance is compassion; although gratitude, appreciation and care are very close.  Scientific research is showing the more we operate in love, the more we’ll experience the fullness of life God has planned for us.

Although I’ve been teaching on this for the last two months, I know that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m looking forward to continuing my study in this, but what is known thus far is incredible.  It appears that this channel of love could well be the doorway to the operation of the fulness of the supernatural. As we sync our heart brain with our head brain with an emotion of compassion, gratitude, appreciation or care, we are in a place of peace/stillness (relaxed state with controlled five second breaths), we set the stage to enter a place of heart-brain coherence (optimal performance).

When in optimal coherence (easier said than done) the body begins to release over 1300 different bio-chemical reactions, anti-aging hormones, along with a positive immune and cardiovascular response, but that’s just the beginning.  We also increase our natural intuitiveness, greater creativity and set the stage for the body to heal itself naturally.  The positive benefits of walking in love is a goal that’s well worth setting.

The more I get into this study the more I can see why God has given such an emphatic emphasis of love throughout His Word. I’ve personally been motivated to set the intent of my heart to walk in the greatest measure of love possible. I was reminded of something I did some years back where I made meditation cards with 1 Corinthians 13 verses one through eight personalized.   As an example, I would say, “David is patient, David is kind,” etc., (as opposed to love is kind).

With a fresh motivation for a greater love walk for myself, I made some new cards that could be personalized in the (NASB) New American Standard Bible.  On the backside I put in regular format the New Living Translation.  As a small appreciation gift for your financial help in supporting the ministry, I printed out a couple of the cards I made for myself for you. They’ll make a great book mark or just simply put one in a place where you might read it one or more times per day where you can read/meditate on these personalized love verses.

Thank you again for your partnership with us in the ministry. We appreciate you and are honored to pray for you as well. Please use the response form to let us know how we can agree with you in prayer.


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