Dream from Allen Klein

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My niece had 3 dreams. All of them tie together and I would like to share them with you: Dream 1 I dreamt I was in front of a church. It looked like a cathedral built with tan colored bricks and stones. I was prompted to go inside. Once I was inside I kept hearing go deeper so I followed the halls and side rooms that were cold and empty until I went down into the lowest place and I saw a light. I heard screaming. I opened the door and there on a stage was a woman dressed in a simple white gown with long dark hair hanging on a cross tied by ropes. The priests and pastors (there …

2/21/2018 God’s Plan Satan’s plan – Rick Joiner’s Dream

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In Rick’s dream North America and Europe have been utterly devastated. The buildings were collapsed. Rick purchased North America and Europe for 1 trillion dollars. After the purchase people offered to buy it from him. 1 man offered 100 billion for Manhattan Island. Rick said no. Later he offered 200 billion. Rick said no again. The next night Rick saw Marxism being weaponized. The enemy wants to use Marxism to bring down nations. This is what the Lord told me: Both the dreams tie together. You purchased the land of North America and Europe. You represent the leaders of the body of Christ at the highest level. You are an eagle prophet. The currency you used; 1 trillion dollars is …

9/27/19 The Fire is coming:

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9/27/19 The Fire is coming: I was in an old house that was being remodeled. The ground was uneven and you could still see the tire tracks of where the original ground was landscaped. The interior walls had new sheet-rock and ready for mudding. I showed how easy it was to burn the house down. I lit a match and the house went up in flames. I told a neighbor there was a fire and to evacuate. This was a night club. I vowed to rebuild.  This is what the Lord told me:  The old house represents us and the temple of the Holy Spirit. The uneven ground is what we go through in life; ups and downs. The Lord …

8/17/19 Civil Unrest

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 I was in the USAF working as a security policeman at an air force base. A fighter plane was landing and I observed it. This plane was painted with what looked like the American flag all over it just like the first one. Its nose pointed straight up and landed on its top, and skidded down the runway. The first crash was worse. I was rattled. I didn’t know if I should tell what just happened on my 2 way radio; call on a secured land line; or go to the scene, and where should I park my truck. This dream was significant because as I was having the dream the Lord gave me the interpretation of it.  This is …

7/29/2019 Overdue

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7/29/2019 Overdue  A close friend of mine was making some cheese in basement. The taste was very good. Then the cheese became moldy with time.  This is what the Lord told me:  Milk is the basic word of God. This milk was upgraded to cheese; which means he has been blessed with the talents of presenting the word of God at an upgraded level. The mold on the cheese represents God telling him the time to start a church is overdue. This person has a call on his life to open a church. The Lord wants him to step out in his faith and start the church.

7/12/2019 I Can Do It

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I Can Do It 7/12/2019  There was a certain woman. She had in her hand a rubics cube. It was shaped unusually. The top potion was rounded like a head. It was shaped somewhat like a body. There was an Hispanic man in the back that she handed it to. He was an expert at solving the cube, and he quickly went to work solving the cube.  This is what the Lord told me:  The woman is the church and the shape of the cube is man. The Hispanic person in the back was an ordinary person, but had the gift of taking the word of God and making who was listening complete in Christ by the power of God. …

6/26/2019 Forgive or Else

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Forgive or Else 6/26/2019  I was on Dad’s farm. A lot of hay was cut ready to be bailed. We were driving out of a field and a vehicle was very badly damaged. I didn’t see it and hit it with my truck. My left front tire hit it so hard the tire was tipped outboard on top, inboard at the bottom. My brother offered me a lift in another vehicle after the days work was completed.  This is what the Lord told me:  Dad’s farm represents the Kingdom of God. My Dad represents God the Holy Father. The large amount of hay is the kingdom work that is ahead of those in Christ. The vehicle damaged is my brother’s. …

6/15/2019 Divine Appointment

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This dream was from my niece.In this dream she was pregnant about to give birth. 2 of her siblings were with her celebrating her newborn to be. She suddenly gave birth and the child was a little girl, and was already 9 months old. This is what the Lord told me: The first 9 months represents what the Lord has developed in her; the 9 gifts of the spirit; Galatians 5:22 – 23. The child delivered was a little girl, and was already 9 months old.  The little girl delivered is her ministry in Christ. My niece’s divine appointment. The Lord will use her mightily in her life. He has big plans for her.

6/8/2019 Preaching From The Heart

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6/8/2019 Preaching From The Heart  There was a certain woman walking. I noticed she had 3 breasts.  This is what the Lord told me:  The woman who was walking is on her path; is the church. She had 3 breasts and not 2. The Lord told me that the church will be delivering the word of God with purpose and meaning. The number 3 represents God and the trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The church will walk in power and deliver the milk which is the word of God to the people. In this dream the third breast was over her heart. The people will hear the true word of God and follow it.  The Lord …

05-07-19 Spiritual Development for the Serious Christian

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A continuation of teaching on the importance of spiritual development and how Spiritual Development Level One is currently being offered *FREE to all partners of the ministry through the Supernatural Discipleship Program. This week’s focus is on Spiritual Assessment continued, Zeal Assessment/Profile and the intent of heart.The first 20 minutes is really a monologue of the importance to growing spiritually. Being hot for God has always been important, but today more than ever we need to be serious about our spiritual position in the kingdom of God.All Christians know they need to be disciplined with daily feeding on God’s Word, to meditate daily on the Word, to pray and praise daily, and to continuously be in a study of the …