7/23/20 Can you give me directions?

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 I had a weird dream last night, it was like I could only get bits and pieces, me and Cindy were with Dad in his old blue van, driving around. We drove past an elementary school, and it was all gated around it, high gates, with wires on top, ones you couldn’t climb. There were bars all on the windows and were painted dark brown sad colors. The children that I could get a glimpse of were all dressed the same, in brown tunics. They looked very malnourished. They were loading them up in these two things that looked like spaceships! Dad told me they put them in that and ship them out to get better educated. I knew in my spirit they weren’t returning. I screamed and cried out trying to get out of the van to stop the children but dad said it’s unsafe to unload here. I woke up.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 The old blue van represents the path we are on. The color blue is the Holy Spirit of God; walking in the spirit. The 3 people in the van are the driver who’s 2 daughters are inside. The driver represents God the Father. 1 young lady who knows the Lord and is walking in the Lord. She is the church walking in righteousness. The other is a backslider who was a servant of God but is now in the world. She is the church that has fallen away from the Lord, but feels she is still okay. The elementary school represents the people being educated upon the earth in a fallen world. They are being trapped by the world, and educated by the world. The 2 spaceships represent their destiny in the spirit. The 2 paths we take while on the earth spiritually speaking. 1 is through the world which represents a majority of the people on earth who are continuing their education in the world and the other spaceship represent those who come to the Lord will be trained in the body of Christ; the believers.

 The driver who represents God the Father knew where the children were and what would happen as time went by. The believer in Christ was crying out and knew the need of all people to know the Lord. The backslider remained silent.

 Members of the body of Christ pray for these people, and tell them the hope and salvation we have in the Lord. It is not God’s will that any should perish; 2 Peter 3:9. They can all know the Lord and the backslidden can come back; prayer, fasting and supplication; Daniel 9:3.

 The Lord be with you.

Brother Al

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