9/14/20 Get Ready for Harvest

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I was a farmer and I was helping Dad get the crops in. I also had some hay and other crops to be harvested. The fields I had were also on Dad’s farm. Some other people were plowing the fields getting ready for the next year. I knew I would need to get going or I would lose my crops. I had rent due, and needed equipment for the harvest. Some of the plowed fields were long and skinny, and near the road.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 I was helping Dad on his farm. Dad represents in this dream God the Holy Father. The Lord has requirements for us as we walk with the Lord in Christ. This includes receiving Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord. Living a righteous life, and purging sin out of our lives as we walk in the Lord.

 In this setting the Lord also has other requirements he is asking the body of Christ to do. This is the work I had to do to get my harvest in. The fields I had in this dream were also on Dad’s farm. This includes extended prayer, fasting, over and above donations to the Lord.

 Other people were preparing the ground to plant seed. Notice the fields were long and skinny, and near the road. This is the work to be done on our path with the Lord. Many opportunities will be available to us as we walk with Christ on our journey. This is being a witness for Christ, sharing the good news of the Gospel, healing the sick, helping financially, and making disciples to all people.

 There isn’t a long time for opportunities that come up. If anyone knows anything about farming the harvest time is only for a time. Some of the people we come across will only be here for a short time.

 The Lord be with you.

Brother Al

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