07/19/19 Thank you letter

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Wow, hard to believe we’re in the middle of summer. Here in Broken Arrow, it’s known it’s summer as temps are near 100 degrees every day with the heat index being over 110 degrees.

In recent years I’ve sensed a change in our partners. Today, they are more serious about their relationship with God and pressing in more than ever to the fullness of His truth. This is good as the time we’ve entered into is unlike any time ever in all of history.

Interesting statement above; as I am writing this, the Holy Spirit is leading me, and it showed up clearly in my last sentence. Usually, I would have said that we’re coming into as opposed to we’ve entered.

I do hope you’ve been able to participate in watching my Tuesday night weekly meetings on YouTube and occasionally on Facebook. God has been speaking clearly about His kingdom being established on earth now as it is in heaven. More than ever, we need to be serious about our relationship with Him and purposing to be sensitive and obedient to whatever He says.

These last couple of months for me personally have been precious, insightful, and mighty in spirit. It started with being honored to be a joint conference speaker with Kevin Zadai in Germany for two conferences. Truly incredible to be with someone day and night for over a week who’s been to heaven, personally discipled by Jesus on the spiritual realm and the supernatural. God used him to confirm so much of what God has given me and then add to it with so much more revelation.

Over fourth of July weekend, having five days with Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Bruce Allen, Dr. Steven Francis, Pastor Johnny Taylor (Flowing Oil Bible), Terry Macalmon and a few notable others.

I felt humbled and honored to be chosen to be a speaker with such kingdom greats. Again, what was said, confirmed much of what God has spoken to me. The hour we’re living in is unlike any other, and we need to be about the Father’s business.

One of my most current messages coming to me from all of this is on, “The Fear of the Lord.” What is so amazing about this is how clearly the Scriptures show that what God wants is our love, respect, and honor. For sure, it is not about fearing Him but loving Him.

Because we love Him, we are going to do what He’s going to love, enjoy, and feel good. He impressed me with the reality that He’s always with us, (Christ in us). He’s seeing everything we see, thinking every thought we think and does with us whatever we do.

The question we need to ask is, are we okay with Him watching the TV shows we’re watching? Are we alright with Him seeing whatever our eyes see when we’re on the internet? If not, we most likely do not have a genuine fear of the Lord.

With so much of today’s TV and movies, it’s common to see alternate lifestyles, sexual promiscuity, disrespect of authority, violence, and sorcery. Most of our culture today is okay with watching this, but I guess, that if Jesus came into the room or theatre with us, most would feel a bit uncomfortable.  For us, He’s come into our rooms; as we’ve invited Him into our lives, we’re His temple. We need to think about this reality. We need to ask ourselves the question; are we okay with what we are, seeing, thinking, and doing?

Most significantly, is how everything that He asks us to do is always for our benefit. The love and obedience He requires of us are much more for us than for Him. As I did a bit of a search/study on, “The Fear of the Lord,” I was so overwhelmingly impressed with how much truth there was in what He requires of us is for us much more than for Him.

I added a sheet of 31 Scriptures that I thought you’d like to see on this and how in every one of these verses we see a blessing in having a healthy fear of the Lord. I trust they bless you as much as they have blessed me.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support of the ministry! Together we’re making a difference, and together we’ll see the vision fulfilled of over one hundred million souls saved, discipled and serving God.

Your Supernatural Friend
and Partner in Christ,

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