06.28.17 Thank you letter

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A very special “thank you” for your financial support of the ministry! Through your contributions and purchases we’ve advanced the Kingdom of God. Together we’re going to see the vision fulfilled of over one hundred million souls saved, discipled and serving God.

Last night on my weekly Tuesday Conference Call/Webinar, I started a new series on authority.  As I mentioned in this week’s email, I’m confident we’re in a new season of good and bad. The best of the good news is that because we know who we are in Christ, we know how to declare/decree and call into being that which does not exist (Romans 4:17); and by faith and application of what we know, we’ll rise above the evil storms of darkness and any horrific (bad) events that are coming forth from the powers of darkness and the evil rulers they are working through.

Last night on the call, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I also mentioned how, in this new season, God is bringing to pass the many prophetic words, visions, dreams and inspirations that He’s given to us over the years of our sojourning here on earth. This is not going to happen automatically, as we must position ourselves within our hearts with love, humility, truth, holiness/purity, refusing to be judgmental and willing to forgive all offenses.

I can now see why this current theme of love God has brought to us through Pastor Greg Violi and Dr. Clyde Rivers has been so important, as it is the piece we needed to get our hearts right for this new season. I personally would never have thought my heart needed as much cleaning (repenting) and healing as I’ve gone through these last six month, but praise God! Life has never looked brighter.

God is showing me that the work in the heart is directly related to our ability to more effectively pass through the thin intellectual and emotional veil that separates us from the fullness of the spiritual dimension.  In 1992 God gave me a vision of “Spiritual Breakthrough” where I was going through a barrier that looked like a wall but was only paper thin. As I went through the barrier in the vision, He said, “You are coming into a move of God beyond anything you’ve ever seen, with more signs, wonders and miracles than you could even imagine, but He said, “As much as I want to use you, I can’t because your flesh was not ready.

At this I said, “How do I get it ready?” And He said, “The same way Jesus did, with prayer, fasting and self-denial.” As much as this vision and instruction was directed at me, it is just as much for you, as He’s not a respecter of persons, and in the vision I represented the body of Christ.

Some of this was covered in last night’s call, but it’s also going to be the theme for the next few weeks. I encourage you, if possible, join us each week for this fresh word from God. If you missed the Conference Call/Webinar last night, I encourage you to watch it on our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/livingsupernaturally.

It’s hard to believe that here we are 25 years later since the Spiritual Breakthrough vision, and we’re finally at the point of going through the barrier; but this is just one of the many visions, dreams and prophetic words that God has given for myself and the body of Christ.

The most significant of all visions God has given to me in what seemed audible was in July of 1994. In that vison, I received our current primary ministry vison to see over one hundred million souls saved, discipled and serving God.  Another word that God gave me in December 2000 was that if I could keep my heart right in what I put my hand to with business developments, He would give me the ability (vision/technology and knowhow) to be on every computer (mobile device) in the world. Little did I know then how challenging that would be. Now, 17 years later, I finally have the insight through these love messages of what He meant about keeping the heart right.

And 24 years after God spoke the ministry vision, we now have a plan to see it fulfilled. With Dr. Rivers connection of “I Change Nations,” an open door to many presidents of the world, and a new corporation we started, called  XOlence, Inc. we are producing an app that will touch the entire world with prayer, salvation and discipleship.

You, too, have many such unfulfilled visions, dreams, prophetic words etc… that are just on the other side of this thin veil that separates us from the fullness of the Spirit. I’m confident that as we get our hearts right, we are being positioned by God for such a time as this to see all the promises of God come to pass, as He establishes His kingdom and Government on earth.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support of the ministry! As much as I appreciate your prayers, we’d like the opportunity to pray for you as well. Please take a moment to send us a prayer request in the back of the enclosed envelope. I’d encourage you to take a moment and think of some promise (vision, dream or prophetic word) that you received and give me a short synopsis to call it into being.

We do have a special opportunity as well for anyone interested in being part of the development of the Prayer App through XOlence. If you would like more information on the project, please call me or send me a note, and I’ll share more on what we’re doing to connect and grow the body of Christ around the world.

Your Supernatural Partner
and Friend in Christ,

David Martin

PS  If you’ve yet to hear the Father’s Heart Conference messages, they are available in the ministry store as a download. The special price of $49 will give you all 13 messages in audio and video formats.


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