07/19/19 Thank you letter

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Wow, hard to believe we’re in the middle of summer. Here in Broken Arrow, it’s known it’s summer as temps are near 100 degrees every day with the heat index being over 110 degrees. In recent years I’ve sensed a change in our partners. Today, they are more serious about their relationship with God and pressing in more than ever to the fullness of His truth. This is good as the time we’ve entered into is unlike any time ever in all of history. Interesting statement above; as I am writing this, the Holy Spirit is leading me, and it showed up clearly in my last sentence. Usually, I would have said that we’re coming into as opposed to we’ve …

7/25/20 & 7/28/20 What Next?

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From Rhonda Ramey:   Last Saturday night in my sleep all through the night, I was hearing these numbers repeatedly:  1 8 2 0 3 6 8     1 8 2 0 3 6 8   1 8 2 0 3 6 8   1 8 2 0 3 6 8     I woke up in the night, wrote them down and went back to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, I was still hearing the numbers in my mind, like a song but it was numbers. Then last night I had a dream. I can’t remember any of the dream but one part.  Someone came to me and gave me these numbers. 1 8 2 0 3 6 8  I said, …

6-30-20 Supernatural Change Part Four

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David shares the powerful testimony of Peter Daniel’s and how the Word of God combined with a vision/dream supernaturally changed him. This is truly a rag’s to riches testimony. At the age of 26, Peter could not read, write, and could barely speak. He had failed every grade in school to the age of 13 when he was kicked out. Going back four generations in Peter’s family tree, not one person had any level of success; they were all either supported by welfare or the prison system. At 26 years of age, Peter was saved in a Billy Graham crusade, and next to being born again, he realized that in the eyes of God, all men were equal, and if …

6-16-20 Supernatural Change Part Two

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As I was preparing for this message, God downloaded to me a fresh revelation of supernatural change. This revelation was a paradigm shift that totally changed my perspective of what I had planned to teach. It will forever change my life and potentially yours. As much as this is Part Two to this series on Supernatural Change, in reality, it is a new Part One, which we will call Part Two. I trust it will be as much of a blessing to you as it was to me in putting it together. The basic premise of supernatural change is separating the transformation that takes place from natural things that we do according to the Word, such as renewing the mind …

6-9-20 Supernatural Change Part One

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This is a powerful revelatory introduction to this new series. David does an unplanned comparison of how the powers and authorities of ungodly people in government, news media, and Hollywood are using methodologies to control us through our thoughts and imaginations. The very same way that God intended for us to walk an live in the supernatural they are using in a negative way, programming us to how they want us to think and believe. A key verse to this teaching is from Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The evil controllers of the world want us to think and believe according to their principles and beliefs. David’s primary intent to this lesson is …

6-2-20 Walking and Living in the Glory Part 9

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his YouTube video is a transformative word in due season combined with a powerful impartation of peace. The back story is too much to tell here which is in the video, but simply, a tribe in Africa that was strongly affected by the Shinning One anointing had a visitation of the Lord in the 60’s and was given four prophetic words. First, there would be a great war in Zaire, followed by great men of God going to heaven in flames, followed by more war and then a great revival. As you’ll hear in the video, the first three prophetic words were filled very supernaturally, and the fourth is about to be fulfilled. As you’ll also hear in the video …

5-26-20 Walking and living in the Glory Part 8

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David’s major focus in the first ten minutes is a prophetic proclamation of what’s potentially going to happen this coming May, 31st Pentecostal Sunday. The meat of the message though is the back story of the Shining One anointing. A powerful testimony of how David received an implantation in Kisime Rwanda from the co-pastor of the Shinning One revival from the middle ’20s David shares how the revival was not about shining but rather holiness. People were coming to the altars daily to repent of any and every little sin. As a result over time they began to shine. David closes the message with a powerful impartation prayer for everyone to receive the same impartation that he received from Enoch.

5-19-20 Walking and Living in the Glory Part 7

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The first part of the message is very encouraging as David shares how we are on the cutting edge of what he believes will be the greatest move of God ever. David’s prophetic guess is it will start May 31st with the remembrance of Pentecost. He believes it could be as monumental as the first Pentecost and usher us into a Great Awakening of the Church. A challenging message to the flesh but glorious to the spirit and to the child of God that wants to radiate the glory of God. David breaks down the scriptures in what God is desiring of us in walking in the spirit. The Bible gives us three different reference points on how to experience …

4-28-20 Walking in the Glory Part SIX (graphic is wrong, it says Part One)

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What we need to do to effectively participate in, “The Greatest Move of God Ever.” God’s Word has always been true that; “Those who believe would do what Jesus did and greater,” but we’re in a season of time unlike any other to see these Words fulfilled. This message picks up on where the last video, Part Five,” left off. As God showed David in the vision shared in the previous two videos, God is seeking those to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. One key aspect of this, as shown to David in the vision, is humility and recognizing how much we need God for every breath. The pure worship that God is seeking is not an experience but …