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  • Marriages healed without counseling
  • Tumors dissolving
  • Transformed lives
  • Deliverance from demonic bondage
  • Bloodline deliverance
  • Healing of all types

Discover the Ancient Path of Humility
Experience the Father’s Blessing
Enjoy the manifest presence of God’s love
Realize blessings of living out of the heart
Feel the tangible presence of the Father

In February of 2016 I did a conference for Greg at his church in Germany, and as much as I was there to minister, I was powerfully changed by the manifest presence of God within the church. In traveling the world for over 30 years for God, this was the first time I’d ever experienced any thing so wonderful. I was back with Greg at his church in Germany this December doing another conference, and the manifest presence of God had reached an even greater dimension of greatness. It was then I realized this revelation of love God has given to Greg had to be experienced by the body of Christ at large. Thus we’ve arranged to bring Greg to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a two-day life changing conference. I encourage all to come and experience the Greg Violi ministry, you’ll be glad you did!

– Dr. David Martin

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As Paul says in first Corinthians 13 if we have all kinds of signs wonders and miracles but have not love what do we have? Nothing! As much as I’m a proponent and enthusiast of the supernatural and know that I’m anointed to teach and demonstrated at a level the world is not familiar, we need more love!

Pastor Greg Violi has the missing link the body of Christ desperately needs. I strongly encourage you to come to these life-changing meetings, you’ll be glad you did and you will be forever changed.

– Dr. David Martin

This first video is recorded live in Germany on December 13th after one week of meetings. It was here that I realized how it was that we get Greg to America and bring the life-changing truths that God has given him to the body of Christ at large.

One week after the meeting with Pastor Greg I did an interview with Birgit Gassman who has been under Greg’s ministry for many years. She is an intercessor for Greg and attends most all his conferences across Europe giving her much first-hand exposure to the ministry. Most significantly on this video she shares how the life-changing truths given to Greg have powerfully impacted her and her family and the church that her son pastors and she leads the worship.

This most recent video was recorded live although Greg is on audio only. Greg shares the significant reasons why people would want to come to the upcoming conference in Milwaukee on March 3rd and 4th. We’ve had a few people contact the ministry indicating how they were supernaturally healed/delivered through the teaching on this video. If you’re still debating on whether or not you should to come to the conference this will solidify it in
your heart.

As you may have guessed, since coming back from Germany and ministering with Pastor Greg Violi, I’ve been obsessed and possessed with this new dimension of love. The question is what is this “New dimension of Love?”

I’d like to tell you exactly what it is, how it works and how it can help you to walk in the fullness of life God has planned for you. Unfortunately, I’m still asking God for answers myself. I do know it is what we need, what I have long desired, and what God has purposed for our lives.

God’s love just keeps getting gooder and gooder! I just added gooder to my personal dictionary so that it comes up as a real word, although I do know it is grammatically incorrect. It’s MY word.

Honestly though, the revelation and manifestation of God’s love is sweeping me off my feet. With today being Valentine’s Day, I feel very good with God being the love of my life. I very much love my wife as she’s my honey and valentine as well, but God’s love is number one.

God’s love just keeps getting gooder and gooder! I just added gooder to my personal dictionary so that it comes up as a real word, although I do know it is grammatically incorrect. It’s MY word.

Last week on my call, we had a forum call with Dale Kretz, Chuck Witzel and Dennis and Sue Bigley. It was awesome and can be seen on our YouTube Channel, along with all the previous interviews we’ve done related to this new dimension of love coming to us through Pastor Greg Violi.