Strategies for Navigating Crisis

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First and foremost thank you for your partnership in the ministry! God is opening some incredible doors for us which I’ll be telling you about soon. In my wildest dreams I would never had imagined being able to mentor nations from the president down but that is what God is doing. It’s awesome and thanks to your prayers and financial support we’re going forward in incredible new ways.

In the interim though we need to deal with unprecedented challenges/opportunities. The good news is for such a day as this we’ve been created. I know much of the news in the world is negative and is going to get much worse but keep in mind that we’re champions and Jesus is coming back for a victorious church. What we do need now is the wisdom of God in directing our every step.

With a variety of potential crisis’s close at hand it’s going to be very important that we have strategies in place for how to navigate through them triumphantly. For the next couple of weeks on the Tuesday night Partner Conference Calls the focus is going to be how to strategically and successfully go through each potential crisis.

Two weeks ago Perry Stone ministered in Tulsa and shared some horrific news off the record. I’d share it here but this information needs to be limited at this time to a non-viral mode. At a meeting here he requested all recorders be turned off and the video streaming of the meeting be stopped. He said, “What I’m going to share about Ebola is not rumor.” What he shared and how we need to deal with it is the primary focus of tonight’s call.

As I’ll share tonight, we have nothing to fear as we have all authority and power in the name of Jesus and no weapon formed against us can prosper. Tonight as well as for the next couple of weeks we’ll be looking at principles, precepts and truths from the Word of God that will encourage, enlighten and strengthen you going through whatever comes your way.

As always the call will start at 8 pm CT (Tulsa time) but I’ll be on the call at 7:45 for meet and greet. If you miss the call, it will be available to hear on the playback number below or on the Remnant Partner page of the website.

I’ve also been teaching on this for the last two months in my Illinois and Wisconsin conferences. We do have a seven CD set currently available for partners at just $4 per CD and will be adding a couple more from this last week’s meeting. You can call the office if you’d like to order these.

Thank you again for your partnership with the ministry, it’s only through our faithful partners that we’ve been able to accomplish all that we have for the glory of God. Know that you are very much appreciated.

Blessings, David

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