Business Breakthrough Bundled Series on physical USB Media Drive

$185.00 $75.00

Business Breakthrough Bundled Series on physical USB Media Drive CD Pricing $185 Special USB Thumb/Flash Drive Pricing $75

Contents Include:

Business Breakthrough Seminar

14 CDs in SERIES



Business Breakthrough Bundled Series on physical USB Media Drive CD Pricing $185 Special USB Thumb/Flash Drive Pricing $75

Contents Include:

Business Breakthrough Seminar

14 CDs in SERIES

Physical Disk Price: $65

A Christian businessperson called of God to be in business is essentially in the ministry. One aspect of a called businessperson’s ministry is making money, the supply line for the ministry of the Gospel. Through the businessperson’s supply, the local church and ministries like Dave Martin Ministries, can go around the world preaching and teaching the Gospel. A businessperson’s ministry is just as valuable as the pastor’s missionary’s evangelist’s etc. The devil and his spiritual forces of darkness are waging a spiritual war against all Christians, but he is attacking the hardest against any Christian that is out to win souls and build the Body of Christ.

Whether you’re knocking on doors to win souls or in business with the desire to support the Gospel with your finances, your level of spiritual attack is going to be equal. Those in ministry know how important it is to understand the spirit world and how to operate successfully within it. You need to know how to pray and should have others praying for you as well, The Apostle Paul knew this, which is why he was always looking for prayer support. Business Breakthrough is a ministry that brings serious powerful prayer support to the businessperson and much more. Business Breakthrough provides effective tools, teaching, and organization methods to assist in operating the business in the supernatural. Business Breakthrough will help you reach a new level of success and fulfill God’s perfect will for your life.

The 12 Topics of the Business Breakthrough Conference

1. Condensed Overview
2. Introduction
3. Spiritual Warfare Part 1
4. Spiritual Warfare Part 2
5. Spiritual Breakthrough
6. Expectation Faith Part 1
7. Expectation Faith Part 2
8. Visualizing – Hope Part 1
9. Visualizing – Hope Part 2
10. Friend of God
11. Prayer Tape
12. Message to Intercessors

Global Network Meets online in a webinar on the first Monday of every month with an Introduction and Orientation presentation.

Business Breakthrough
Global Network Webinars – 5 MP3 Audios
1 BB Global Pre-Introduction July 2018 10 min
2 BB – Global Introduction Aug 2016
3 BB – Global Teaching and Prayer August 2016
4 BB- Teaching Visualizing 5-19
5 BB Introduction and Awesome Testimonies 5-19

Our most important online webinar meeting of the month is the second Monday of the month where Dr. David Martin teaches how to get God more involved in the business. At the close of the session is the genius of the God given program where everyone fills in an online Prayer Form identifying 30-day prayer objectives, three to six-month objectives and long-range objectives. The following week the ministry office puts program participants into online prayer groups of three each which agree to pray for each other for just two minutes each per day. Participants from around the world are grouped by
the time choices they indicate they will be available for prayer with their two other participants. Getting started online at Background Business Breakthrough Global Network started in August of 2018. After 27 years of doing Business Breakthrough Conferences around the world at God’s direction we started a program to bring the proven success of the ministry to an online global format. We started the new Global Business Breakthrough program at God’s direction the first Monday in August and already, the testimonies coming in have been off of the chart. Testimonies of canceled debts, accounts receivables paid, new opportunities, increases in sales and profits are just a small sampling of what has been reported in just the first two months. Business Breakthrough got started 27 years ago and has proven to be a strategic successful means to get God more involved in the business world. What few people knew back in the early 90’s is that people in business who have a desire to make money to help their church, missions or just to advance the Kingdom are just a much in the ministry as their pastor, any missionary or Evangelist
like myself. Specifically, God showed us is those in business with a heart to support ministry are the supply line to the front lines of ministry.

Everyone knows to pray for their pastors, missionaries or ministers traveling the world winning people to Jesus as they’re on the front lines of the spiritual war for souls. The front lines however are only as good as the supply line. What few business people realize is how the devil is vehemently attacking them (the supply line) causing them to loose accounts, having breakdowns in relationships and equipment, health issues and on and on. The only way the devil is going to be effectively stopped is prayer. Unfortunately, most business people get so busy they neglect prayer and even worse they have few that stand alongside of them and hold them up in prayer. This is the primary purpose of Business Breakthrough to teach business people spiritual principles of how to get God more involved and a strategic plan to stop the devil. God has given us a proven method of joining groups of three business people who agree to pray just two minutes per day for each of the three businesses. Hard to believe just six minutes a day of prayer could be so successful but 27 years of doing this internationally has proven the genius of God. (Six minutes per day, times three is 18 minutes a day of prayer, and in the hands of God that is exponential).


Revelation of Operation of Anointing
Physical product Price: $14

The Missing link in the faith message

  • The catalyst to signs, wonders and miracles
    The Word that will take you to new heights
    The practical simplicity to the fullness of life


A revelation of a lifetime! For over 30 years, David has studied the miraculous with a focus on John 14:12, where Jesus said, “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” The fresh Word on these CDs ties all his previous revelations of the scriptures together. This incredible insight will show you a practical way how to experience more of the miracle power of God in every dimension of your life.


Expect a Miracle
Physical Disk Price: $42

God desires to see His miracle power manifested in your life as much as you do! This series shows how the people of Jesus’ day received their healings
and miracles. God’s power is as real today as it was then. If we do what they did, we should have the same results. For many years’ evangelist going to other parts of the world have reported many more miracles than what they’ve seen in America. After one of Dave’s trips to Africa, having witnessed even more of the miraculous than ever before God opened his understanding to some of the reasons for the increase. This tape series compares the people in Africa, to the people in Jesus’ day and then to us. The Biblical truths in these lessons will bless and encourage you to press into the presence of God greater than ever and expect His miracle power to show up more and more in your life.



Holy Spirit Academy – Session 3 – How to be
Led by the Spirit
Physical Disk Price: $28

Topical Overview
How to be Led by the Spirit
The Light and the Life of God in Us
Our Inheritance as Saints
Types and Shadows of Moses Tabernacle
Casting of the Lot
Going by the Spirit Instead of the Obvious
Developing Sensitivity to the Spirit
The Various Ways God Speaks

Holy Spirit Academy Objective: To give a scriptural foundation to effectively minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The foundation of this teaching will be valuable for every believer in allowing God to work more powerfully through
them but still have a focus on how to more effectively minister at the altar. Although most believers will never minister at a church altar, they will have altars over their dining room table, lunch counter at work or even on the fishing dock or golf course. All believers should know how to effectively minister in the power of the spirit and this course is designed to do that very thing. (The included series in this bundle is session three of seven total.) Bottom Line… (for the entire course) …Making a Difference in People’s Lives Effectively making a difference in people’s lives is the bottom-line reason why every believer should take this class. As charismatic (spirit filled believers) we have been given tools (gifts of the Spirit) to effectively minister. Unfortunately, few believers know what the gifts are and even fewer know how to effectively flow with/in them to reach into someone’s life and successfully minister something more than goose bumps and a temporary good feeling. This course will help you to prepare your heart for the full development and use of the gifts of the Spirit. Secondly it will give you a firm foundation in the Word in how to skillfully use the Word and the Gifts of the Spirit to minister healing, deliverance and encouragement.


Spiritual Development for the Serious Christian

This five-part series is from David’s Tuesday night teaching series called Spiritual Development for the Serious Christian. You can access the video series on the ministries YouTube Channel at This USB series are the MP3 audios from the video series. As the title implies, this is a series for the serious Christian. It is designed to motivate
you, and to increase your pursuit of God. We’re on the edge of the greatest move of God ever, more than ever we need to be red hot and fired up for God. Most Christians are missing is a structured, disciplined strategic plan or program to grow spiritually. This series will show you the components of a God given plan to take your spiritual walk to a higher level with guaranteed measurable spiritual growth. God has impressed me with the need to challenge Christians to get more disciplined in their faith and daily discipline in their pursuit of God. Twelve years ago, God gave me the architecture for a supernatural spiritual development program we now call, “Supernatural Discipleship.” We’ve had pastors, doctors, spiritual leaders from all walks of life say, “This
program is life changing.” This series goal is to help you to understand the psychology and methodology of the 16 activities that have so benefited so many folks already.

The 16 activities discussed and are included within the Supernatural Discipleship Program.

1. Spiritual Assessment

2. Daily Journaling

3. Fasting 11. Scripture Meditation
4. Prophetic Writing 12. Divine Appointments
5. Prayer Projects 13. Daily Devotional
6. Bible Reading (through the Bible) 14. Meditative Media
7. Bible Reading Topics 15. Daily Prayer
8. Miracles Meditation 16. Daily Teaching/Study

9. Setting the Intent of the Heart

10. 100 Key Points

Dave Martin Ministries Supernatural Discipleship Program Level One is currently being offered FREE to anyone supporting the ministry with any level of monthly support. Level One includes
seven of the 16 program activities. To get started with the FREE Level One of the Supernatural Discipleship Program, sign up for the 14 Day FREE TRIAL. In the second week of the program you need to contact the office with your desire to continue with FREE Level One on add on Level Two or Three.

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