An Imminent Call to Prayer – Please take this admonition seriously!

Several weeks ago, a dear friend of mine forwarded me an extremely important message by prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, from India.  It has been requested of me to help get this message out to all my partners, who, in turn, could pass it on to others, who could pass it on to others, etc.  

This is a MUST HEAR message, and an imminent call to prayer for President Trump. America desperately needs as many people as possible to commit to diligently pray daily for President Trump.  This is a call to prayer that bears witness with my spirit.  What is being requested is 24/7 prayer for President Trump .

I am personally asking all my partners to get on board with this and commit to praying at least 15 minutes per day. We’ve created a Call to Prayer form where you can register to pray for 15-minute segments. If you can commit to more than one segment daily, that would be awesome, but most importantly, be faithful to whatever commitment you make.

We’ve divided the days into eight watches with 12, 15-minute segments. Our goal is to see every segment filled so that we, as a ministry, will be providing a 24/7 prayer vigil.

To the right, is a brief message from me and the full message as given at the Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC, “Heaven on Earth,” conference, where Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj delivered this “call to prayer” message. The full message is one hour and 42 minutes. We’ve extrapolated the most significant part, which is just over 28 minutes.

I’ve been following this prophet for many years and believe he’s the real deal when it comes to hearing God and having supernatural encounters with biblical saints, just like Jesus did on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Also, below the Sign-Up button is a very significant 2015 video from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj where in August of 2015 he prophesied that Houston would be destroyed by a flood. The recent fulfillment of this prophetic word gives significant credibility to his prophetic warning about the need to pray for President Trump.

Many other prophets are saying much the same about the need to pray for President Trump. Below is a recent post on The Elijah List from Joe Dawson, who also is encouraging the church to pray .

Thank you for your willingness to watch and pray!

David Martin

Condensed Summary Video – 27min 56sec

Full Length Video – 1hr 42min 54sec

Click on the Sign up button below for a 15 minute or more daily time slot in order to commit to praying for President Trump. This, according to the prophet, will result in saving the United States from pending judgement, return it to righteousness, and regain God’s favor on our nation.

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The video directly below is from August 2015, where Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is prophesying of three massive earthquakes in America and that Houston would be destroyed by a flood. On the right is a prophetic word given in September 23rd on The Elijah List by Joe Dawson, calling for “Intercessors Arise and Strengthen the Hedge of Protection around President Trump.”

Video starts where Sadhu is talking about the flood coming to Houston in 2015. You can start from the beginning to hear the entire message.