Committing to a Time Slot

Thank you for committing to pray daily for President Trump! Your commitment to a time slot will remain until you advise us to remove your name. Know that your sacrifice to pray makes a difference. As much as possible, start each day a little early and go a little over so that we truly do have a 24/7 prayer vigil.

How to pray so you will move the throne of God!

Talk with God as a friend. Take hold of God’s hands. Don’t let go until the Lord is entreated-which means pleaded with, especially in order to persuade; asked urgently and earnestly. Sadhu says, this is the kind of travailing prayer that will move the throne of God!

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s recommendations in;
What to Pray for Donald Trump and our Government

  • Is surrounded by Godly advisors; his cabinet, ambassadors, and everyone around him are godly people.
  • His family and his administration are protected and blessed in all areas; spiritually, physically, mentally, morally, emotionally, politically, financially, etc..
  • He and his family, and all those on his team are receiving the best protection human beings can provide, and the angels and God Himself are insuring nothing evil can harm them.
  • He, his family, and his administration are protecting from wrong counsel and evil influences.
  • He, his family, and his administration are bound to all truth, wisdom and humility of God.

Sign-Up Instructions

Choose a prayer watch that best works for you below. You can pick more than one watch, Just know that you will have to fill out a separate form for each watch you choose. You can also select more than one time slot within a watch by checking each available time slots checkbox once inside. Times selected within the same watch use the same sign-up form by clicking on the button below the sign-up times that says “Sign-up for All Selected”.

Please note that the time slots are based on the CDT timezone or UTC -5 so if you want a time slot that seems to be taken for your timezone, you can use this handy time zone converter to see if one is actually available. For example, if you live in Germany (UTC +2), and you wanted the 6:00am to 6:15am time slot, that would actually be the 1:00am to 1:15am in the CDT timezone.