August 2012

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Aliens, UFOs, the unseen world and the mark of the beast were the topics I recently did a series of meetings on. Honestly, I can hardly believe that I spoke on this subject but there is more going on than most know about and what few want to even give any credence to. Six months ago if someone told me I would be bringing this message forward I would have told them they were crazy. For me the awareness started coming last year as I heard some ministers like Paul Keith Davis talking about the prophetic Word Jesus gave in Matthew 24 where He is giving signs of the end of the times and says, “As were the Days of …

June 2012

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June 21, 2012 What is God Saying? Obviously it’s more than I can relate in this letter but I will fit as much as possible into three pages.  In 2005 God spoke three very strong prophetic words to me which you most likely have heard me refer to previously; they were also a focal point on my interview with Sid Roth. As much as they were significant when given in April of 2005, I hear God saying, “these words are even more significant today.” The three prophetic words given were: Very bad times are coming to America and we were not, and still are not, ready for what is coming. Believers are failing to take His Word seriously. One principle …


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I trust this update finds you doing well, if not please write me back so I can pray with you. The anointing on me has been awesome and my guess is that after this week it is going to be even greater as I am going to Benny Hinn’s Fire Impartation Conference with great expectation. Benny was one of my first mentors in the ministry back in 1979. One of our newest volunteers in the ministry was able to get me VIP seating for this weekend’s conference in Dallas so I’m going with an expectation for more fire along with signs, wonders and miracles. <div>I’ll also be ministering at a new church in the Dallas Metroplex (Garland) this Sunday for …

A Sample Mentoring Class

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