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Dear Partners,
I trust this letter finds you in a good place with the blessings of God overtaking you. With so much uncertainty of the times, especially in this fall season, every day of peace and tranquility is a gift of God. I feel quite confident that through much intercession and prayer and a humbling of the body of Christ,we’ve seen God’s grace extended and much of what could have happened has been held back.
Unfortunately, the powers of darkness and the evils of the world are still ever present, so each day of peace needs to be seen as a gift of God. With all of this said, the one sure thing for us is the truth of God’s Word and the promise of provision, protection, along with stability and the hope it provides.
From a positive perspective, the very best of times is upon us as well. For those who know their God, this is going to be a time of supernatural provision, protection and glorious demonstrations of God’s Word. For over 25 years, I’ve been teaching around the world that a great transfer of wealth was close at hand, and my guess is,it is upon us now.
Quite possibly, by the time you receive this letter,a wealth transfer will have already happened but if not,it is very close to being a reality. Be encouraged and know that for such a day as this you’ve been created. We’re about to see the favor of God on His remnant for this season and the blessings of God are going to be beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Most importantly though is the purpose of the wealth and that is for the great harvest of souls.
In the midst of this season we’re going to see the remnant rise up with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God to bring forth the great awakening within the body of Christ. This great awakening within the church will then spread across the world to usher in a great harvest of souls.
My recommendation is to draw nigh unto God as if your life depends upon it, as it does. Make sure that He is on the throne of your life, be quick to repent of all sins, forgive all who have done you wrong including yourself, spend time in the Word (abiding under the shadow of the Almighty), keep yourself in a constant attitude of praise and pray with a fervor in the Spirit, aside from this walk in the Spirit so that you do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
So many glorious works of God are happening in the ministry this year that I’m in a constant state of awe. We’ve stretched our tent pegs beyond any previous time and more than anytime past I can see how we’re going to see the vision of over 100 million souls saved, discipled and serving God.
Your prayers and financial support have made such an incredible difference, no words of thanks could possibly express my gratitude! As good as this last nine months has been though, what we’re coming into is going to have us all in a place of awe as we watch the glorious works of God in our midst.
For the last part of this letter I’m going to highlight some topics and give a brief recap of what is happening and opportunities for you to be part of what is coming forth.
Partner Conference Calls on CD
Over the last few months I’ve been teaching on Tuesday nights in our Partner Conference calls on, “The Spiritual Realm.” A number of these have been focused on the reason and benefit of speaking in tongues. Many have requested these messages as they’ve been so revelatory and practical. We’re still editing and putting the series together in a rough format but it looks like we’ll have about 12 CDs available in this series. The regular price for 12 CDs would be $72 in a case and $60 in paper sleeves. Because this series is so valuable, we’re going to give it free with any contribution of $50 or more. You can request it on the reply form (last page of this letter).
Honorary Doctorate Degree Being Awarded to David and an Update on Gracebook
On November 13th I’m being awarded an honorary doctorate degree in the area of Human Rights. I’ll be receiving this at the Capitol in Washington DC. This award is for our international efforts and specifically for the plans God has given me to connect and grow the body of Christ through the new program we’re developing, which we’ve code named Gracebook.
Gracebook is far beyond what we initially imagined as God has continually been downloading the specifics of what He wants it to accomplish. One of the key aspects of it though is its ability to bring massive prayer to anyone in need within moments. You might think of it as an international Christian 911, although we’ll probably use 711. Essentially we’ll be able to guarantee that when you press the emergency button on your phone or computer, within a minute you’ll have over 1,000 people praying for your need. More literally they’ll be speaking the answer calling forth the unseen into the seen realm.
Once the program launches, every person will be encouraged to sign up for a “Tour of Duty.” That is to be available for a set time each month to pray for other’s needs. As this happens, we’ll go from a 1,000 people praying (speaking positively calling those things that be not as though they were) to hundreds of thousands and even millions. The possibilities are beyond imagination as we bring people into a unity of speech/confession.
The social features of the program will surpass other programs, but the spiritual development and ability to reach the lost is amazing. This program is destined to be on hundreds of millions of computers around the world with what God has given to us in an international strategy. Literally the leaders of nations around the world will want to promote this to all of their citizens as what it will do for them and the nation at large.
When someone has a crisis anywhere in the world, we’ll know where it is by the GPS and start to pray into it. Atthe same time we can report the crisis/emergency to the heads of state to alert them of any significant crisis. There’s way too much going on to share here, but in short, the nations of the world will want this for every one of their citizens as it gives them millions of eyes across the nation. As much as it will be a great value to the nations of the world, it will open the door for each person with the app to be saved, discipled and serving God.
This project is stretching us, and this is one reason we so very much appreciate your generosity at this time to help us accomplish what God has given us. We are very close to receiving some very large contributions to do the necessary programming, but in the interim whatever you can do in the way of an offering is so very much appreciated.
Christmas and Fall Specials
Included with this letter is a promotional card which has a couple of specials. One special opportunity is to start the Supernatural Discipleship Program with a free month along with a two week free trial. Those who’ve done the program will tell you that it was one of the most significant things they’ve ever done in their pursuit of God. The most common testimony is their relationship with God with ability to better hear God’s voice.
The other special is a bundle of one of my absolute best products ever, the 100 Key Points in a beautiful spiral bound edition.
Ministry Blog
If you’ve yet to check out my blog on the ministry website, you’ll want to do that as we’ve added some content that is going to speak very positively to your spirit. Chuck Witzel has been sharing on our Tuesday Partner calls words that God has been giving him almost daily. If you’ve heard these you know how right on they are with admonition, encouragement and enlightenment. These words are now being posted on my blog for your review and spiritual enrichment. You’ll also find some visions from Dianna Lund who in my opinion is one of the most right on seers of our day. Also posted are some dreams from Allen Klein who is also getting downloads from heaven that bare witness with my spirit.
Partner Conference Calls
If you’ve yet to join in on these calls, let me suggest that you check them out. Each week I purpose to seek God and give a relevant word in due season. At the beginning of the call Chuck Witzel gives us a brief reading of what God has given him which is always great. I’m also inviting more guests to join in on the calls which has also been a great blessing. In August we had Warren Marcus on, who is Sid Roth’s Executive Producer, he shared about Experiencing the Glory. It was absolutely some of the best revelation you’ll hear on the glory. That message can be heard on our Youtube channel as well.
These calls are for our partners. Anyone who makes any purchase or a donation of any size in a given month receives free access to the calls for that month and the subsequent month as well. The access numbers change each month and are emailed and robo-called to everyone at the beginning of each month. The calls are recorded for playback over the next week for those who cannot call in on Tuesday night at 7 pm CT.
All of the calls are also posted on the ministry website for our partners to play at their convenience. As a partner you have access to all the calls that have been recorded over the last three years,and there are a bunch of them.
This is our way of saying thank you for your partnership with us in the ministry.
Thank you so very much for allowing me to speak into your life! Thank you as well for your prayers and financial support of the ministry! If there is ever any way that we can help you in your spiritual growth, please feel free to contact us. If you’re in a financial hard spot and would like to do our Supernatural Discipleship Program, let me know as we have some financial assistance programs available.
Be encouraged with the day and hour God has planned for you to be here on planet earth. As you are faithful in doing your part in hiding God’s Word in your heart by study and meditating on the Word and purpose to be obedient to whatever He says, you can know His Word and Holy Spirit will work for you and no weapon formed against you can have any effect.
The winds of adversity will surely blow, and a very fierce storm is brewing, but because your house is built upon the Rock, your house will stand!
Your Supernatural Friend
and Partner in Christ,


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