8/17/19 Civil Unrest

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 I was in the USAF working as a security policeman at an air force base. A fighter plane was landing and I observed it. This plane was painted with what looked like the American flag all over it just like the first one. Its nose pointed straight up and landed on its top, and skidded down the runway. The first crash was worse. I was rattled. I didn’t know if I should tell what just happened on my 2 way radio; call on a secured land line; or go to the scene, and where should I park my truck. This dream was significant because as I was having the dream the Lord gave me the interpretation of it.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 The first and second planes represent the United States. The first plane was the first civil war we had in our history. The second plane represents what is about to happen in our country. (I do not know a specific time line). We are going to see a second civil war take place again. In the dream I was rattled and didn’t know what to do next. I knew the Lord wanted to let people know what was going to happen; Amos 3:7. There is coming a great revival to the united States; however; a lot of our nation is in a back slidden condition. The Lord is going to correct this; John 16:33.

Brother Al

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