7/12/2019 I Can Do It

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I Can Do It 7/12/2019

 There was a certain woman. She had in her hand a rubics cube. It was shaped unusually. The top potion was rounded like a head. It was shaped somewhat like a body. There was an Hispanic man in the back that she handed it to. He was an expert at solving the cube, and he quickly went to work solving the cube.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 The woman is the church and the shape of the cube is man. The Hispanic person in the back was an ordinary person, but had the gift of taking the word of God and making who was listening complete in Christ by the power of God. The Lord will use Hispanic people to bring great revival. Watch and see. This is coming.

 I have had several dreams showing powerful revival coming from the Lord. He will use Hispanic people for this great move of God.

Brother Al

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