9/27/19 The Fire is coming:

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9/27/19 The Fire is coming:

I was in an old house that was being remodeled. The ground was uneven and you could still see the tire tracks of where the original ground was landscaped. The interior walls had new sheet-rock and ready for mudding. I showed how easy it was to burn the house down. I lit a match and the house went up in flames. I told a neighbor there was a fire and to evacuate. This was a night club. I vowed to rebuild.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 The old house represents us and the temple of the Holy Spirit. The uneven ground is what we go through in life; ups and downs. The Lord told me He is not interested in a patch job in our lives to bring us to the Lord. The ground will be level and the building brand new. Churches will no longer operate in the traditions of man, but transformed in the Holy Spirit of God. We will have an overwhelming understanding of the Lord and walk in true Holiness. We will be skilled biblically to serve the Lord and this will be well pleasing to the Lord; Malachi 4:6; one new man. When I told a neighbor about the fire; this will be the wittiness to the world that a change is coming and it will no longer be business or sin as usual. The great power of the Lord is moving.

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